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World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day - 27 September ... hoping for next season to be a successful one and first of all healthy!


Destination Greece | Health First

What would you do first in a land blessed with crystal clear waters and never ending seashores, where life blooms and smiles go as far as the eye can see?

First, dive deep into the blue, breath in that life, smile back. What would you want to remember first? That’s all you need to think about. Because behind your every ideal experience, there is a complete protocol for your safety in action


Crete - Sense the Αuthentic

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Greek Summer is a State of Mind

Being with the people you love, connecting with nature, feeling free. That's Greek Summer.

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Visit Greece | Going Crete

Visit Greece, a destination always in season! Get to know its history, discover dreamy beaches, experience a Greek night out, meet the locals, get an adrenaline rush while you try sports and outdoor activities. Live, experience, enjoy Greece!



After 20 years of cooperation with Thomas Cook Group, 11 of which with exclusivity, we are in a very bad circumstance especially because of the group’s bankruptcy.

Despite the economic loss we had, we continue to offer our best services and Cretan hospitality to all customers that were with us at the moment.

We apologize to those who have booked but couldn’t enjoy their holidays with us.

As for the future, we already have made new partnerships for 2020. Our German and Austrian customers can book their vacation via our new partner DER TOURISTIC (DERTOUR - ITSREISEN – JAHNREISEN and the rest Τ.Ο. of REWE group) .

Furthermore, our customers can book directly with us via our website.

Soon we will announce our new partnership with Dutch and Belgium Markets.

Finally, we would like to ensure our dear customers that we will continue to offer our best services with great zeal and loyalty to our principles.

We are waiting for you in 2020 season!


Awards for the best employees of the year 2018

Ο Παγκρήτιος Σύλλογος των Διευθυντών Ξενοδοχείων
βραβεύει τους καλύτερους υπαλλήλους της χρονιάς 2018 εκ των οποίων
τρεις από αυτούς ανήκουν στο δυναμικό των ξενοδοχείων μας της Ευρωχοτέλ.
The Pan-Cretan Association of Hotel Managers
awards the best employees of the year 2018 of which three of them
belong to the potential of our hotels Eurohotel group.
Die Pankretische Hotel Manager Union hat die beste Mitarbeiter des Jahres 2018 ausgezeichnet, dabei 3, die in unsere Eurohotel Groupe gehören.
VASILIS KOUKIAS (Katrin Hotel & Bungalows)
ELENA ENGLEZAKI (Smartline Arion palace )